Bloody hell!

Ideally, about now, I’d be writing a post about creating a stable writing environment; smells, sounds, comfortable writing tools. As it’s been, I’ve had a hundred things up in the air, looking like they’re just about to come down in the right configuration. Then suddenly, what appears possibly like hard drive failure (again), or a clapped out power-supply (my first guess), gives me a little kick to the back of the knee while I’m caught looking up during the juggling.

At any rate, nothing is lost. So far, the way I’ve been organising things in the cloud, and with redundancies here and there, the only thing it looks like I’ll be losing is a little money and energy. Still, the timing; just as things were starting to come together!

(Even my body-clock looked as if it was starting to recover from a few surprise weeks of peculiar hours, now finally over).

Things were aligning nicely. Perhaps this time next week, I’ll have good news to report on this particular front. Perhaps with photos.

At any rate, I’ve got a few new tunes to listen to, which seems to help in getting into a creative space. Disruptions aren’t what they used to be.

It’s just you end up learning a little more respect for writers, and what they have to go through to get in the groove, when you decide to not just soldier on, publishing any old shit. Especially when your resolve is tested by these little intrusions.

~ Bruce

P.S. Actually, opportunity cost wise, this may considerably offset my efforts in finding a nice writing chair. I need a better writing chair.

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