Easter eggs

Only last night I was chatting with Sean of Blogonaut fame, and I mentioned something about editing…

@SeandBlogonaut My words usually end up in their natural, night-published state, typos to be found like Easter eggs in the morning.

(Me, last night.)

This morning, bleary-eyed but with the prospect of an egg-hunt in mind, I crawled out of bed telling myself even before properly awake, ‘I bet that sentence in the conclusion of last night’s post has a your/you’re malapropism’. Alas, yes! Easter egg found (and snatched away)!

I suspect my executive functions don’t work that well around midnight. I know I keep promising myself I’ll proof before publishing in the morning, yet I routinely break this promise.

Anyway, I need a coffee to go with my egg, so I’ll be off now.

I’ll just say in parting, that I take comfort in that finding an Easter egg on first getting out of bed, is a better surprise than finding something in your jocks.

~ Bruce

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