Hi, I’m Bruce.

I’ve been around the Australian/Political/Secular blogosphere in one form or another for the past ten years, did my union internship well before all of that, became an ex-Labor party member in 2009, and copped a few punches to the kidneys from a fascist in ’93, among other things. My mission here is to (re)try emerging as a writer after a number of setbacks in recent years, and I hope to enjoy myself a bit more along the way this time around.

Eating meat or dairy isn’t my thing. I won’t deny being a feminist, but you won’t find me wearing any self-referential t-shirts calling myself one anytime soon. Most of the time it doesn’t cost you much to just call yourself something. Acting in accordance with an ethos is the hard part.

I’ve spent most of my life hovering around the poverty line for one reason or another, mostly involving recession, mental health or study. A number of years ago I managed to get my hands on  a science degree, so that’s something I can die happy about.

I’ve learned to trust my instincts when it comes to ego, and in general I tend to dislike autobiography, so I’ll end this stint of navel-gazing right here.

~ Bruce

I’m a member of:

Carers SA

The Australian Society of Authors