Why can’t my mind come up with lines like this while awake?

Awoke from a spooky dream this morning.

Was watching Tip, the dog my late Poppa used to have back in the 1970s, jump into my Poppa’s brown station wagon to go hunting with him – which normally he didn’t get to go and do. Then Poppa drove off with him and I realised I was dreaming. My Poppa passed away in 1989.

I woke up – in my dream.

I walked out of the spare bedroom at my Nanna’s old place at Wangary, walked up to her and with my Poppa’s passing in mind, told her that I had a dream about he and Tip going hunting.

Nanna turned around, shrouded in shadows and said “Yes. I know. He said we’d all be seeing him soon.”

Then I woke up.

Spooky stuff. Don’t usually think of lines like that when I’m awake. Why not? Any clues?

~ Bruce