Welcome to The Abyss

Here’s a bind. It looks like I have to actually publish a post before all of the design elements on this blog are visible. That changes the order of things somewhat, and “Hello World” isn’t my idea of a good start.

Still, I figure that I don’t want a proper launch, and despite how unprofessional it may look, I’m going to start writing here before everything’s up and running. I doubt anyone will notice. Not anyone who’ll be bothered at any rate.

Welcome to Circling The Abyss, successor to Rousing Departures, and a couple of other blogs I don’t talk about much. I gather it’ll just be some of the old crowd who’ll see this, so hello to them, and hello to anyone else dragged into orbit.

When things get up and more properly running, which shouldn’t take longer than a couple of months, I’ll be writing a lot more than I did on my last blog. There are reasons for that, and I’ll write about them, however I plan to focus on matters more distant from my piddling existential crises than I have over the past few years.

Slow progress, rest, reflection and even abstinence have all played an important role in my writing and health, but their importance has waned. What is needed now is more writing.

I’ll be seeing you around.

~ Bruce