Post #1000: The End

It’s trivial that all good things come to an end; so do all the bad and mediocre things. In little nibbles and great gulps, entropy consumes us all. We just mark the time with the comings and goings of each other’s company.

This poor blog of unintentionally grandiose title and unarticulated, vague, meagre aim, has had its time struggling to find a clear raison d’ĂȘtre. Ironically, now that the purpose is beginning to coalesce out of the smog, it’s become clear that this blog’s reason-to-be, entails its own end.

In the beginning I had urges – urges to rail against stupidity, dishonesty, snobbery, chauvinism, racism, xenophobia, over-privilege and piety. Urges and little more.

Like most people with the slightest pretension to writing, I screamed my voice up into a maelstrom above. Like one of a mass huddled in the basement, clawing up at the floorboards of a burning house – for the most part unobserved by the rest of the world. Most of us, you and I, have been trapped down here, or somewhere like it.

Either for yourself, or your peers, the aim is to break through to the surface so at least someone can climb up and out. Maybe someone will reach down and help. Maybe you and your cohort will conspire to escape.

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