2021: Well that was a thing

Sooooo… got any New Year’s Resolutions yet?

Find adventure? Travel more? Better work life balance? Less grinding of teeth?

Blahblahblah. Perspective has kind of buried all that. I expect I’ll be doing more of the same, except perhaps more frugally.

Bought tickets to three gigs this year and didn’t make it to any of them. None were cancelled. Just got crook. Which is a bit of a shit showing on my part considering the odds of catching a show with full mosh pit going forward.

Will be getting my booster next month, and remaining otherwise pretty isolated. I have to say I do like getting deliveries to my post office box though. Until this month, the regular walk to pick up a parcel from the comic’s shop first thing in the morning isn’t something I’ve done since 1995 – back when I last lived in Port Lincoln.

May have to drop the gym membership though. Get some weights. Take advantage of the increased amount of walking. Circumstances being what they are.

Not sure that’s a resolution though. Won’t hinge on the calendar date either way.

Travel interstate to see friends? Gawd. I want to. I’m not sure that’s in the foreseeable future though. But given how fast the medical response was in 2020, perhaps the unforeseeable isn’t actually that far off.

Also not a resolution.

What I can say is that I’ve learned a bit this year. A good part of that concerns the nature of good friends and good faith. (Short version: political compliance has a poor correlation with good faith, about as poor as contrarianism has, and there’s a marked difference between being an on-point-ally and decent fellow human. I knew this before, but my understanding has grown appreciably).

At any rate, I’ve got a bit of bad faith of my own going on here I need to confess to.

This post exists largely just to give me something for the year of 2021 in the archives. I think it serves that purpose admirably – or it will if I post it within the next three hours.

So… If you’ll forgive my ulterior motive – my perfunctory posting – I’ll wish you a Happy New Year. Or a not-too-shit one, at any rate. Don’t want to get those hopes up.

~ Bruce