The end of the Howard Years


I’m trying to suspend my critical nature to enjoy this momentous occasion. I’ll be applying philosophical skepticism to our new Government well before they step into the first session of parliament, have no doubts about that. I expect the same of most of my progressive peers. I just think that after going through and arguing against some of the excesses of Howard’s years we should be able to sit back for a little while and enjoy the moment.Sit back and enjoy the glow.

  • The Howard Government is gone. Forever.
  • Costello isn’t going on to lead the Liberal Party (Go Turnbull!)
  • The Windschuttles of the culture wars will be unlikely to continue to receive special access to our public institutions such as the ABC
  • After what was a brave battle by the ex-PM, he is likely to lose the seat of Bennelong and Australia is likely to gain Maxine McKew as an MP.
  • Despite the apparent loss of Kerry Nettle, the Greens have polled strongly (congrats to Ludlam, Hanson-Young and of course Bob Brown)*

All in all, not a bad result. I’m glad my predictions of a Liberal victory by way of marginals was wrong.

~ Bruce

* Yes, I know that Family Firsts Jeff Buchanan will remain an obstacle to progressive and secular social reform. We need to keep an eye on him. But let’s continue to enjoy the glow for now.

4 thoughts on “The end of the Howard Years

  1. “Family First” .. heh heh, a rose by another name .. has thorns. Depends, methinks, on whether “family” consists of those restricted to the product of individual loins .. or some other concept that includes all things .. as “family”. I wait to see where Kevin Rudd’s basic priorities actually ARE.


  2. I was a bit bemused by Maxine McKew’s speech on Sat night in which she blathered on about some blind nun and being able to see in the next life (or something similar). I have no idea what that was about and it seemed out of context to announcing it looked like she was going to win.

    Well, we have about 6 months before the election for the rest of the senate, hopefully we can kick out a few FFP and install another Green or two


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