Lumpentour #1

Something I don’t think I’ve emphasised, or affirmed enough, is my grounding in the working class. Possibly with the exception of the years of my youth between 1988-1991 (a period of relative comfort ultimately conspired against by family break-up and the effects of high interest rates), I couldn’t in any way be reasonably accused of having had a middle class lifestyle.

I’m not ashamed of this.

To convey a little bit about myself to you, in this respect, allow me take you on the first stage of a photographic tour of a portion of my own working class history.


Out back of the Exide factory, Elizabeth West (2011).

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The new home is built, the power is on, the phone hooked up and the migration has more or less finished. Here we are.

Feel free to slump on the lounge, or at least the parts not occupied by all the packaging. All the critical chores are finished. It’s time for a little relaxation.

I’ll call up and order some takeaway, if you can open the wine and get the nibbles out of the fridge. Perhaps we can see if we can get something on the telly, or set up the stereo.

If we still have enough energy, maybe we can unpack a few more boxes a little later. Just be sure that if we do, not to open the ones marked ‘id’. Those are personal, thanks.

A few pieces of furniture are still to arrive, and I’ve got spaces marked out for where I plan to put them. See the masking tape?

Mind you, I’m still not completely decided on where I’m going to hang things. Perhaps you could have a wander around and make suggestions, or point out anything that looks wrong.

I’ll be assuming a relaxed pace for the time being, probably keeping closer friends around until things are ready for the house-warming. But still, maybe we can have a bit of fun before then.

~ Bruce